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John Daly anchored ABC’s 15-minute evening newscast for its first seven years from 1953 to 1960, though he was also hosting a game show on rival CBS at the same time. For news film the network relied on Fox Movietone, which served movie theaters with weekly newsreels, and Hearst Telenews. The network had few reporters […]

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How Social Media Helps During the Pandemic?

The covid-19 pandemic is the number one health concern that all people around the globe are facing. Because of it, there are lots of countries that declared a total lockdown. Meaning, there would be no individual who can exit or enter their boundaries. With this, many people were affected especially those who were stranded in a foreign country.

One best approach to pacify the situation is the use of social media platforms. Through social media, many people and communities stay connected even if they were physically stranded. Despite the pandemic, we discover how social media became a big help in such kinds of circumstances.


The Way Social Media Becomes a Big Help During the Pandemic

Below are the important functions that social media platforms played during a pandemic:

Lead and mislead

With just a touch of our fingertips, people can already share information about Covid-19. However, some of it is not true which misinformed the public.

Public influencer

As soon as the virus hits the pandemic level, home quarantines and social distancing become a trend. Because we are all required to stay away for about 6 feet, most public icons are using social media to connect and communicate with their friends and loved ones.

Marketing platform

The pandemic opens opportunities for facemasks and sanitizing products to penetrate the market.

Covid-19 reveals that social media is the best platform to market products.

Source of positivity

As we log into our social media accounts, we usually express and share our experiences. Through this, our relatives and friends who are depressed about the situation will get a positive point of view from the social media post.

Top 5 Benefits of Appliance Repair Services

Almost every one of us desires to live a hassle-free life that’s full of practicality and enjoyment. The essential components that strive to contribute a rich lifestyle are home machines. Together with numerous functionalities and features they help to lessen manual hard work and frees plenty of time. They also give tremendous support in managing the day-to-day duties in a stable manner.

Benefits provided by professional technicians are:

1. Saves money: For each malfunctioning device, it’s not the best answer, to waste money for purchasing a new one. Suppose, if a refrigerator isn’t operating correctly, rather than trading it to a junk business, get a technician to investigate into the situation.

2. Service: The convenience provided by expert restoration businesses is amazing. All that needs to be done is, look for a local company on the web that provides such assistance. Get their number and location from their company website and make  a call. Most of companies these days give 24 hours emergency and same-day repair services.

3. Expertise: The team members of a licensed device repair company are usually skilled, accredited and guaranteed. Such specialists can quickly manage usual problems and can troubleshoot a device in the most effective way. The services provided are excellent and one doesn’t feel a need to point out a finger on the solutions conferred by them.

4. Complete solutions: In case, your microwave broke down and the next day is not operating properly. You have not had to seek another company who’ll come and repair the other device. Hiring a good repair firm ensures to stay true to their words, means they’ll serve their clients at any hour of the day and will give complete solutions for all maintenance obligations.

5. Safety: Providing DIY improvements to electrical devices isn’t safe all the time. They are anticipated to be troubleshot only by a trained electrician or technician. An appliance repairs service provider prioritizes safety before starting the repair process, so as to eliminate the extreme threats of electrocution.

Shopping Made Possible During the Pandemic

People loves to shop. We go out to buy even just a little ponytail that is not really necessary or a basic need. We go to the mall to buy groceries, to window shop, to purchase clothes, appliances, utensils, name it and we are always down to spend some for it.

However, since the the spread of the Coronavirus, people are not able to go outside for a long period of time or do what they want to the usual way they had prior to pandemic. This has been limiting the mall hours or even just the time outside your home.

When it comes to shopping, women are on top of the list. A lot of studies already proved that women are more likely to shop compared with men. What can be done to at least still manage to shop during the pandemic?

If one is already feeling deprived of a usual habit, which is shopping, then go shop but this time, online. A lot of stores already have their pages online and are also already partnered with the biggest applications that you can easily download and access through your phone. For example, if you are searching for arabic women’s clothing , you just have to search for it in the internet and stores will already be appearing. Make sure that before you shop and purchase some products, check the site or page if it is legit so as not to be scammed and to also avoid spams. It is very important to check the page multiple times to avoid spending money without getting the product that you thought you actually paid for.

Basic needs or  not are now made available online. This way, no one needs to go out to purchase what he or she needs. This is a very convenient way to save time and stay safe.


Adapting To A New Normal: The Cleaning Industry in 2021

2020 hasn’t been an easy year for anybody. We have all had to change and adapt to a new normal. As 2021 arrives, it surely looks like doubt is a part of our own lives for some time longer. But throughout the hardship, there has been innovation and strength. And we have noticed the perseverance to keep calm and continue, particularly in the cleaning industry. Learn more about cleaning services and products by visiting https://www.eltaqwa-co.com/.

How does the cleaning industry change in 2021?

Low demand and higher demand

Coronavirus continues to affect us all. Despite the fact of a vaccine currently upon us, the grading system remains in place generating uncertainty for many companies. From the cleaning business, this has meant changes in demand in the business to business and that is Very Likely to persist in the year:

  • It has been a difficult road for hospitality, along the grading system will continue to dictate the degree of need for cleaning solutions
  • Sports, retail, and leisure places have been given a lifeline with current policy changes, thus require will gradually pick up rate
  • Crucial services such as schools, offices, and hospitals will continue to demand a high level of support

A reversal of attention

When it’s embracing new tech, supplying added services, or implementing new procedures, moving forward, companies and workers in the cleaning industry will have to be as easy as people can.

Some of the newest Regions of attention for cleaning operatives comprise:

  • Extra focus on contact surfaces like door handles and taps
  • More regular and responsive cleaning regimes – in line with customer requests or government advice
  • Added objects to wash, for example, transparent screens and dividers

A flourish in the daytime cleanup

Cleaning operatives that used to clock after everybody else clocked away are currently working side-by-side using their day coworkers. It is a huge change for a business that is now comfortable with unsociable hours and only working. So what exactly does this mean to the business in 2021?

A move today cleaning supplies benefits like:

  • Ongoing reassurance to coworkers using workspaces through the afternoon
  • The immediate answer to cleaning episodes and much more personal service for customers
  • The capacity for customers to lockdown offices during the night — decreasing overheads for safety and lighting
  • A larger pool of talent – people who Weren’t familiar with only functioning or unsociable hours will feel more comfortable linking the industry

Automation to encourage employees, not replace them

Even though the rest of the planet begins to open their eyes to the power of automation, the cleanup business was a previous adopter. However, this year we have seen an explosion in clever technology and electronic options which has blown our heads!

Here are some of our favorite inventions:

  • Smart tools that may provide managers with real-time info regarding the status of the paper, soap, and towel tops
  • Touch-free soap and hand sanitizer pumps
  • Robotic custodians to carry out high-risk duties that people would be not able to do
  • Digital workforce management instruments such as IQ: timecard to discuss timesheets, jobs, place information.

A change in approach to health

Research by worker benefits supplier Unum has discovered 86 percent of UK employers surveyed are altering their approach to worker health and health. Virtually all companies surveyed (95 percent) say that it has influenced their requirement to make individuals feel much more secure and encouraged.

There is not a one-size-fits-all alternative, however, if it comes to utilizing technology to encourage health, the cleaner industry can guide the way:

  • Accommodate more flexible programs for workers – enabling employees to work changes that match their lifestyles.
  • Possessing an easy-to-use mobile program or workforce scheduling tool to assist operatives to stay consistent with their supervisors and feel encouraged in any way times
  • Ensure workers at all levels are contained in the adoption and roll-out of fresh technology solutions – to make sure they feel valued and listened to.

Mass media and election campaign

For the vast majority of voters, politics takes place exclusively in the media. What effect the representation of politics and parties has in concrete terms is the subject of heated debate in opinion and media research. One thing is clear: the mass media determine what is discussed. You can download youtube videos online on the connection of media and politics.

Functions of an election campaign

The election campaign should fulfill two functions particularly well: information and mobilization. Both can be achieved with the help of the mass media. The flood of information from the parties about their performance record, their candidates and their agenda seems to be endless.

In addition, voters should be mobilized, preferably in their own strongholds. The parties ‘members and their sympathizers are to be given further opportunities to identify themselves through the parties’ increased public image. The medium of television can also play a leading role here. Mass media, therefore, occupy a central place in modern election campaign planning.

The vast majority of the population watches television, reads the newspaper and listens to the radio every day. Political messages, therefore, reach people primarily through these. It is undisputed that media coverage as a result also has an impact on voting decisions.

However, the most important aids for voting decisions are not primarily the special information contributions on the election or on the election campaign. The long-term effects of the mass media on the political attitudes of voters are more important. However, they do not say anything about the direction of decision-making. In the long term, television has an indirect effect on election campaigns. In view of the selective perception of viewers, it can, as communication research has found, reinforce existing opinions, but only rarely change political attitudes.

What effect do the media have on the political behavior of voters and elites?

The answer is hotly debated in election and media impact research. It is also surprising that the factor “communication behavior” does not play a role in the individual psychological approach to explaining voting behavior. Because party, candidate and topic preferences are perceived through media coverage. Voters use the media to find out about the topics and the people who are standing for election. Today, this also includes reports on the popularity of top political figures and the satisfaction with the work of the government and the opposition as a matter of course.


‘Drop Bear’ Prank On Journalist Became A Trend



After a Scottish journalist was inquired if she wished to maintain an evasive Australian “drop keep” throughout the Kangaroo Island bushfire catastrophe, she jumped at the opportunity — decreasing to get its correspondence “hook, line and sinker.”

ITV News Asia correspondent Debi Edward was covering the continuing bushfire position on the island when her freelance camera operator chose to bring a bit of light humor involving the facing news.

Freelance video manufacturer Sean Mulcahy, Army reservist vet Garnett Hall along Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park proprietor Sam Mitchell pulled off the prank, that is viral on social networking. Now that is something other than joking with your friends using a prank caller app.

She donned the “protective fall bear clothes” — that has been a motocross outfit worn backward, together with welding gloves, goggles, and boots.

“She seemed just like a Ninja Turtle,” Mr. Mulcahy told ABC News.

“At one stage, we were planning to inform her that you’re able to prevent them going to your neck in the event that you place some Vegemite on your ears.

“She’d have gone as well, but I could not do it in hindsight.”

He explained Ms. Edwards was “mortified” if he informed her he’d submitted the movie to social websites, however, she “copped it on the chin for the group” to assist the fundraising campaign after viewing the devastation that the fire had contributed to the staircase.

In his article he explained, “In times of catastrophe and incessant distress, sometimes humor is the best medicine.”

“We had been told that there wasn’t a population of 60,000 koalas on the island and they feared they’d dropped 30-40,000 of these, that has turned out to be the very best aspect of 80 percent of these,” he explained.

“In the practice of studying the koalas,” I stated to the vet, ‘is that a fall endure?’

“It unfolded very fast.

“When they said, ‘would you like to maintain one?’ She stated, ‘can it be secure?’

“Plus it was only for young and older out there.”

The prank had been pulled away with ‘such certainty.’


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“Even the Army vet,” Garnet the simply caught the ball and ran with it I do not believe I have ever seen somebody pull off it with such certainty. She had been a hook, line, and sinker,” Mr. Mulcahy said.

“I knew after she got all of the ways through I understood there were not too many men and women who’ve fallen for this one, particularly at a degree of her intellect and global status.

“I believed she’d wake up for it, but when she moved all the way I understood it was likely to really go crazy [on social websites].

“It was gold.”

Mr. Mulcahy said that he submitted the movie to social websites in an attempt to raise cash for its Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, which was injured koalas following bushfires wiped out the majority of Flinders Chase National Park.

“I still can not get my mind around that 40,000 of these have expired, and I have been flying around and I have noticed 10 dead koalas now, they are only dead in the base of trees,” he explained.

“It is horrific.

“If you find you in the wild from New South Wales, you are delighted. I really don’t think I have seen one in the wild to become fair, so to watch a lot of death is dreadful.”

He explained below the devastation, so it was crucial to have a rest in the frustration.

“For me, it was true of, it has merely been a sad few months, then we got this laugh — I am happy I shared it since many individuals have got pleasure from this,” he explained.

“I have just been using a family that lost their house Kangaroo Island, I sat with them and each of them watched the movie and were simply crying with laughter.

“These are individuals who lost their house four days past, lost everything they have got.

“They cried from despair during the meeting, except for this short interval, it was a pleasure in their opinion.”


Avoid These 5 Wrong Ways Of Using Your Credit Card During The COVID-19 Crisis

Credit Cards


In the event you signed up to get a journey credit card or gasoline card lately, expecting all of the trips you may take along with also the points you collect from the procedure, you’re most likely disappointed.

But credit cards continue to be a wonderful way to create transactions simple and have rapid access to capital in the event of a crisis. But like nearly every other element of our own lives, how we utilize credit cards needs to be revisited in light of this covid-19 pandemic. Listed below are five errors that you have to prevent making with respect to your charge card at the covid-19 instances.

Choosing moratorium

Back in March, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) declared a three-month moratorium on the repayment of term loans expected to 1 March 2020 and 31 May 2020. This applies to some credit card statements, as it sounds like an unsecured loan. In the event you elect for the moratorium in your charge card invoice, you won’t be asked to pay anything to get your period, perhaps not even the minimum due amount, and the lender will not bill any late payment charges. But, banks may probably continue to inflict curiosity as standard about the outstanding volume. Along with this, should you produce an original buy at this age, the interest will begin accruing immediately. By the conclusion of this, you are likely to get a hefty payment at the means of interest for your outstanding invoice, therefore it is not a fantastic idea to elect for the moratorium to a credit card. “Refrain from choosing the moratorium unless you’ve got a health emergency or a fiscal crisis, like a reduction of revenue. Remember that the moratorium isn’t a totally free alternative.” Stated Raj Khosla, Founder, and managing director, MyMoneyMantra.

Ignoring your invoice

You most likely haven’t been using your own card almost as far as you usually would due to the lockdown. So it may be tempting to simply ignore your invoice and spare yourself the job of paying for today, as it may be a minimal sum, however, this could be a blunder. In accordance with Khosla, as a guideline, you should be cautious of rolling credit card accounts. “Delaying charge card invoice payments will merely bump your obligations, since the card will probably continue accumulating yearly premiums at the rate of 3-4percent over the outstanding prices, in addition to on new buys,” he explained. The interest rate in your credit card invoice can be very steep, and rolling within the invoice for a couple of months may cause an unnecessary outgo for you personally. So keep checking your charge card invoice as you usually would also repay some outstanding volume.


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Purchasing what you do not desire

Since the lockdown facilitates, stores are reopening and e-commerce portals are beginning to deliver non-essential products. You’re very most likely to feel the temptation to keep up with a vengeance to compensate for time throughout lockdown, yet this sort of “payback spending”, and it may be easier to select a shopping spree equipped using a charge card. But unplanned spending can put a severe dent in your finances. “As folks are working from home these days, a lot of the purchasing is online. You have to make sure you don’t get carried away and above utilize the charge card. Stay within your budget. It’s sensible not to use your own card for luxury items and also to shell out only for essentials such as medical costs, utility bills, insurance, premium and family essentials,” said Khosla.

Losing your own card being scammed

This may not appear to be a massive risk since you’re probably staying in the home, therefore the odds of misplacing your card is significantly reduced, but if you do wind up losing or misplacing your card, then it may mean more problem than normal. In accordance with Khosla, at the lack of suitable backup solutions, a replacement card may take a longer period to get you. When most banks have zero liability coverage for bank cards, that usually means you aren’t responsible to pay some penalty on dropping credit, it is vital to report a reduction instantly.

The opportunity of being scammed has become considerably because the pandemic struck since fraudsters are making up fresh covid-related malware and malware apps to lure clients. So it is essential to be attentive once you sign up with your card online. But it is generally simpler to regain any losses due to fraud on a charge card than it would be to regain losses against the bank accounts, so it is sensible to use your charge card rather than a debit card or online banking for these trades.

Not utilizing your benefit points

All credit card-issuers provide reward points, however, the worth of a reward stage may fluctuate throughout cards. Though some banks provide a single point for each $100 invested, along with also the worth of a stage maybe 20-40 paise, other businesses provide two points for each $100 you pay. As you may not be creating quite major ticket purchases in your card recently, the buildup of things may not be significant for this particular interval. But in case you’ve gathered points, be mindful of when they will perish. “Don’t allow your credit card payoff points perish. In case you’ve got a rewards repository accessible, do utilize these factors for key costs and save a bit of cash,” said Khosla.

A charge card is a vital instrument, but one that has to be treated with care. If you are not careful, you may get a hefty credit card bill or wind up heading down the slippery slope of a debt trap. Use time throughout the lockdown to understand exactly what you want to make the most of your card rewards. And if you have not one yet, then go ahead and get this nice offer to make your credit card application hassle-free.


Social Media – A New Look of Journalism

As time had changed having modernization on its way, social media became a part of every day living. And with that, almost 68% adults in the US are being informed through social media. Most of the users and readers want to get news from Facebook, which is a popular social media platform. 

The Way Social Media Change Journalism

Here are some of the ways in which the social media has a great impact in journalism.

1. Faster Means of Information Dissemination

Nowadays, breaking news spread out like a breeze most likely through the help of social media. Why is it so? It is because the social media also operates as quickly as ever. Accessibility to news is now easier which also create a good reputation.

2. Generate More Clicks

Journalism on the virtual environment is more on advertising. And it is the social media where you can find a good spot to go. 

Social media is a good referral source for world’s news.

3. Something Personal

Being personal through connecting with other social media users can build trust in connecting with them. With the use of social media, reporters can interact with the different stories of the users. This is regardless of how far the stories has been through.

The Power of Mass Media and the Risks That Come With It

Communication is a vital element in man’s existence. Man is a social being and communication is used to be socially connected. Through communication we exchange information, our ideas, the thoughts and ideas we think of. These had been used for centuries, even the first men who ever existed in our world communicated with each other’s, not verbally but by actions. As we enter into the modern world the way we communicate have drastically change. With the introduction of the Internet came about Mass Media. Communication has been easier, the spread of information using Mass media has been an important key in spreading News. With new innovations the way we receive messages changed. Mass media is still at its peak. Reaching billions of people worldwide in just a few seconds. The success of mass media is very evident. This outstanding innovation has impacted almost all fields in our society. We easily get informed of the things happening around us. At anytime and anywhere we can avail of the News, current affairs and even the newest trends.

However good social media can be, it also has its risks. It can oftentimes be misleading. People rely on social media so much that sometimes it is being altered in many ways. People make up fake news to mislead the public. This is something we have to be aware of. We should be wise in distinguishing what is fake from real. Social media has become a platform for some people to spread fake news. People rely on news for truth. One should be able to spot false information especially in news that covers sensitive and political issues. People responsible in spreading fake news are very wise. But people spotting fake news are wiser. Most fake news uses different formats. It cloaks itself as a genuine news. For us not to be victims of fake news we should know its source.

What is fake news? Tips For Spotting Them – Fake News for Kids

Here are some steps in determining fake news from real:

1. Verify the Domain Name – A legitimate source of news has a professional domain name that usually is same with the name of the business or organization. Fake news domain are less likely to have this feature. The Domain name can help identify if it is a reliable and real news organization.
Check out more on YouTube and look for videos that will show how to identify fake news. Download an Ad Blocking App for a worthwhile viewing experience. Read more on: https://youtubevanced.com
2. Check for Broken Links. Links to a news should be working and those links when clicked should take the reader to a legitimate source.
3. The Web Design says it all. Poor web designs are usually an abode to fake news. Good web designs is a sign of reliability and legitimate news source. A legitimate news organization have the finances to hire a very good web designer to fix their website. Most fake news doesn’t have this privilege.
4. Learn to spot a paid content. Legitimate sites will mostly include advertisements.

Mass media: A brief introduction

Collective term for press, radio and television, in the broader sense also for books, CDs, videos and the Internet, means media with which news and entertainment in writing, sound and images reach a broad audience.

Role of mass media in democracy

The mass media of the press, radio, television and the Internet are assigned an important task in a democracy. They are intended to provide comprehensive, appropriate and understandable information so that citizens can form a political opinion and participate competently in political decisions. In addition, the Basic Law guarantees the media freedom of reporting and prohibits any censorship.

How mass media earn money

In day-to-day business, however, other aspects also play an important role. The many individual newspaper, radio and television companies are in tough competition with one another and must first of all earn money in order to be able to continue to exist. The main source of income is advertising, as advertisements in the press and as commercials on radio and television. A media company can obtain higher prices for this advertising, the higher the sales figures of its newspaper or magazine or the audience figures of its radio or television station. But if you want to achieve high sales figures or high audience ratings, you cannot afford to simply provide dry information. At the same time, he has to entertain, arouse curiosity, and constantly attract attention – and select his messages accordingly. Through advertisements, you can Find the best strollers here.

Selection of reports

The selection begins with the reporter on site and continues in the news agency, where the event reports are collected and then resold to newspapers, radio and television. In the individual newspaper, in the individual television station, journalists then decide again what to choose from the news agencies’ offerings. What finally appears in the mass media does not depict reality, but is a selected, manufactured image of it. Journalists put it together.

Principles for serious reporting

There are at least two principles for serious reporting

  1. The journalist must have carefully checked whether what he is passing on as news is actually true.
  2. The journalist must distinguish between the news and his opinion on it.

The opinion belongs in a separate comment, but reporting an event, even if the journalist does not like it, should be as objective as possible. Incidentally, those who use not just one but several media products to protect themselves against possible manipulation of their opinion by the mass media are best protected.

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