How to be a Critical News Consumer

In this age of information, it seems important to stay up to date. But there’s so much news out there, how can we tell what’s real? Here’s how to learn how to tell the difference between fact and fiction in the news.

Ask Every Thing

Here’s the simple tips on asking your possible questions:

Source Reliability

Look into how well-known the source is. Are they well-known and trustworthy? Look for well-known news sources that have a past of telling the truth.

What the author knows?

Does the author know enough about the subject to write about it? Find reporters who have worked in this area before.

Read More Than the Headline

Headlines are meant to get people’s attention, and they often use shocking words to do so. Read the whole thing to get more information and background.

Find Your Biases

We all have views. Know your own and the news source’s. Look for news that is fair and shows different points of view.

Check and Confirm Facts

Don’t depend on just one source. Check the information you’re reading with reputable news sources and websites that check facts.

Take a Second Look at Social Media

Watch out for what people post on social media. Check information before giving it to other people.

By using these tips, you can learn to think more critically about the news and form your own ideas in a world full of facts.