ABC News. The weakest of the three legacy broadcasting networks for several decades, the American Broadcasting Company’s (ABC) news division has since the 1970s become a serious contender in net- work news competition. Building on a fairly weak foundation, news division director Roone Arledge helped develop ABC News into a ratings power- house. Time and […]

Andrzej Grabowski w Radio Star Z Historia Mazurkiewicza Related I’m for many years

The radio trusts were not the only media conglomerates subject to federal scrutiny during the Roosevelt years. In 1945 the federal government determined that the Associated Press (AP) contract with its affiliated newspapers was a violation of the Sherman Act antitrust rules. AP argued that the government was in violation of the free press clause […]

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Seemingly always strapped for sufficient funding, ABC News was rarely a pioneer user of expensive new technologies. It adopted the use of videotape and color transmission after its competitors. By the middle years of the first decade of the twenty-first century, ABC NewsOne was the net- work’s affiliate news service. It provided regional, national, and […]

Andrzejki Z Radio Star

In Schneider v. State (1939) the court held that mere administrative convenience (keeping the streets clean of leaflets) was not sufficient to prohibit speech. However, a ban on posting signs in public places to prevent “visual blight” was deemed a significant government interest in Los Angeles v. Taxpayers for Vincent (1984), and that a city […]

Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki Met with the Polish Media

In Abrams v. U.S. (1919) the Court held that criticism of U.S. involvement in World War I was not protected by the First Amendment, because the leaflet at issue advocated a strike in weapons pro- duction and the violent overthrow of the government. Holmes argued that the “surreptitious publishing of a silly leaflet by an […]

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John Daly anchored ABC’s 15-minute evening newscast for its first seven years from 1953 to 1960, though he was also hosting a game show on rival CBS at the same time. For news film the network relied on Fox Movietone, which served movie theaters with weekly newsreels, and Hearst Telenews. The network had few reporters […]

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ABC News gained considerable attention through 1980 by covering the Iran hostage crisis with a nightly broadcast America Held Hostage, talking about the dozens of hostages taken by angry “student” protesters from the American embassy in Teheran, Iran. As the program’s anchor, Ted Koppel (1940– ) soon demonstrated his ability to conduct insightful interviews. After […]

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ABC radio was divided into four distinct programming services, sharing a single network telephone line to keep costs down. ABC had received permission to do this from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which allowed the move as long as only one of the four services was on the air at a time. One of them, […]

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