Media and Video CSGO Game

Television, computers or cell phone, media are dangerous for children. Media become dangerous especially if your children use them too early and too often.

Do television media and computer CSGO games make you fat and sick?

Studies show that children who watch television a lot are less active compared to children who watch little television. csgo ranksThis alone can cause weight problems. The weight difference between “little viewers” and “frequent viewers” ​​ ​seems to lie in their eating behaviour. Ample amounts of television inspire people to eat non-stop specifically fatty and sweet foods. Thus it is not the media so to say that make children fat, but unhealthy eating habits and a lack of exercise that often go hand in hand with computer csgo ranks games or television.

However, a lack of exercise can have other negative consequences for child development. Postural damage caused by too much and incorrect sitting is already evident in children. Physical performance, everyday motor skills and body awareness are also impaired by too little movement. A lack of exercise can also have a negative effect on the mental and emotional development of children.

It is therefore important to have as varied leisure activities as possible, which compensate for sitting in front of the screen with sufficient exercise. Most children would rather go outside and play with friends than sit in front of the television or computer anyway. Often there is simply a lack of interesting “counter-offers”.

Do television and computer CSGO games make you stupid and unimaginative?

Some experts claim that frequent and extensive television viewing jeopardizes success in school. Children who spend a lot of time in front of the screen don’t have that time to do homework and study. In addition, their ability to concentrate and their ability to retain their long-term memory could be damaged.

Others point out that there are media programs and computer games that have been shown to help children learn.   Through games, they derive a great deal of useful knowledge. Despite all the disagreement among experts, one thing is certain. How television and computers affect the development of children and adolescents and children’s education depends largely on what and how much a child watches television or does on the computer.