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hand-and-bowling-ballThe latest news about the Dutch girl’s fingers was stuck in a bowling ball all night long, a pot of fat or cooking oil is the solution to her problem.

A bowling day was not going well for a girl from Zuttermeer in the province of South Holland who stuck her finger in the hole of a bowling ball.

A Dutch girl wants to play bowling in a bowling alley, she grabs one of the balls and wants to roll it, but cannot get rid of her finger, she ended up spending more than 2 hours with her finger stuck in the bowling ball. The staff at the Westerpark Bowling Center in Zuttermeer tried their best, but none of their great solutions worked. One worker called the emergency department and the hospital immediately right after they knew about the problem.

But in the end, the entertainment center chef turned out to be a Dutch savior, he came up with the idea to put the girl’s hand with a bowling ball and everything else in a container filled with cooking oil in the kitchen. And as a result, fortunately, the girl’s finger finally came off the ball. The benefit of blogging for spreading the sports news on the internet can help the people who love bowling can easily know about the latest news.

Not on your life Experience in bowling

A bowling alley employee stated that it is very rare that anyone can stick their finger in a bowling ball. The employee worked at the bowling center for almost 10 years and she has never encountered any incident like that. The young lady with her family was playing bowling when she put her finger in the ball. Other players reacted very calmly when they saw the incident, and so she also kept it cool.

The girl, about 12 years old, was not injured said the staff, and did not have to go to any medical center or undergo surgery as soon as her fingers were free due to her return. She safely returned home together with her family and had an unforgettable bowling experience. Luckily the girl was given that bowling ball as a souvenir. If you want to check out more of the best bowling ball for you, this list of urethane bowling balls might help you choose the right one for you.