How To Combine Social Media Strategy & SEO

What does social media marketing actually have to do with search engine optimization? Why should you include SEO in your social media strategy? Social media marketing can influence the organic rankings of a company’s website in some way.

Why your social media strategy should include toronto seo

One of the biggest ambiguities about SEO these days is whether and to what extent social media has an impact on a website’s organic rankings. And the honest answer is yes and no.toronto seo

When discussing the influence of social media in the context, the term “social signals” is often used. This means signals that provide information about social interactions. In short, these are likes or shares.

The theory states that many positive social signals must have a positive effect on the ranking of the associated company website. Similar to backlinks, where Google sees the link to a page as a recommendation.

In numerous studies that want to explain the connection in more detail, it has been found that pages with a good ranking have a noticeably large number of social signals. But is that enough to call social signals a ranking factor? Since a causal relationship between social signals and good rankings could be proven in the studies, it is definitely advisable to consider SEO and social media mutually. However, they cannot be described as a direct, hard ranking factor, since no direct causality could be proven.

Use social media to get to know your target audience better

Social media is a great way to connect with your target audience and get a better picture of their current problems, needs or questions. But what does this have to do with Toronto SEO?

Through interaction and exchange with the target group, new post topics for the content marketing strategy can be found. The better the target group’s knowledge, the better, for example, new blog posts can be tailored to the target group. The better the content is tailored to the target group, the more likely it is to fulfil the searcher’s intention. After all, that is one of the primary goals pursued by the Google algorithm. It is fulfilling the user’s search intention and providing a satisfactory answer.