‘Drop Bear’ Prank On Journalist Became A Trend



After a Scottish journalist was inquired if she wished to maintain an evasive Australian “drop keep” throughout the Kangaroo Island bushfire catastrophe, she jumped at the opportunity — decreasing to get its correspondence “hook, line and sinker.”

ITV News Asia correspondent Debi Edward was covering the continuing bushfire position on the island when her freelance camera operator chose to bring a bit of light humor involving the facing news.

Freelance video manufacturer Sean Mulcahy, Army reservist vet Garnett Hall along Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park proprietor Sam Mitchell pulled off the prank, that is viral on social networking. Now that is something other than joking with your friends using a prank caller app.

She donned the “protective fall bear clothes” — that has been a motocross outfit worn backward, together with welding gloves, goggles, and boots.

“She seemed just like a Ninja Turtle,” Mr. Mulcahy told ABC News.

“At one stage, we were planning to inform her that you’re able to prevent them going to your neck in the event that you place some Vegemite on your ears.

“She’d have gone as well, but I could not do it in hindsight.”

He explained Ms. Edwards was “mortified” if he informed her he’d submitted the movie to social websites, however, she “copped it on the chin for the group” to assist the fundraising campaign after viewing the devastation that the fire had contributed to the staircase.

In his article he explained, “In times of catastrophe and incessant distress, sometimes humor is the best medicine.”

“We had been told that there wasn’t a population of 60,000 koalas on the island and they feared they’d dropped 30-40,000 of these, that has turned out to be the very best aspect of 80 percent of these,” he explained.

“In the practice of studying the koalas,” I stated to the vet, ‘is that a fall endure?’

“It unfolded very fast.

“When they said, ‘would you like to maintain one?’ She stated, ‘can it be secure?’

“Plus it was only for young and older out there.”

The prank had been pulled away with ‘such certainty.’


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“Even the Army vet,” Garnet the simply caught the ball and ran with it I do not believe I have ever seen somebody pull off it with such certainty. She had been a hook, line, and sinker,” Mr. Mulcahy said.

“I knew after she got all of the ways through I understood there were not too many men and women who’ve fallen for this one, particularly at a degree of her intellect and global status.

“I believed she’d wake up for it, but when she moved all the way I understood it was likely to really go crazy [on social websites].

“It was gold.”

Mr. Mulcahy said that he submitted the movie to social websites in an attempt to raise cash for its Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, which was injured koalas following bushfires wiped out the majority of Flinders Chase National Park.

“I still can not get my mind around that 40,000 of these have expired, and I have been flying around and I have noticed 10 dead koalas now, they are only dead in the base of trees,” he explained.

“It is horrific.

“If you find you in the wild from New South Wales, you are delighted. I really don’t think I have seen one in the wild to become fair, so to watch a lot of death is dreadful.”

He explained below the devastation, so it was crucial to have a rest in the frustration.

“For me, it was true of, it has merely been a sad few months, then we got this laugh — I am happy I shared it since many individuals have got pleasure from this,” he explained.

“I have just been using a family that lost their house Kangaroo Island, I sat with them and each of them watched the movie and were simply crying with laughter.

“These are individuals who lost their house four days past, lost everything they have got.

“They cried from despair during the meeting, except for this short interval, it was a pleasure in their opinion.”