Storing Audiovisual Materials And Equipment

Whether household items, personal belongings or business effects, there are several benefits to renting a self-storage unit. Renting a storage unit for as long as you require to keep your belongings is an affordable way to keep your possessions with the peace of mind knowing they are secure and safe.

Storing And Securing Your Business Or Personal Belongings

Renting a self storage unit to keep your belongings can make certain things easier for you. It could take off the pressure and worry of where to safely and securely keep your treasured belongings, excess furniture, and other items that you don’t have room for yet in your home or business or yet have to decide on what to do with them. But, regardless of the items that needs safe keeping, a self storage unit can provide you that much needed space.

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Storing Audio-Visual Media Materials

Among the things that people keep in storage units can include physical audio-visual materials and equipment such as:

  • videotapes
  • audiotapes
  • DVDs
  • audio CDs
  • slides and transparencies
  • films and filmstrips
  • globes, maps and charts
  • prints and photographs
  • loudspeakers and sound bars
  • audio amplifiers
  • webcams
  • microphones
  • projector and projector screen
  • AV cables (HDMI, USB,VGA, display port)

While storage facilities can provide you the right storage you need to keep your audio-visual materials and equipment, there are other things that you have to consider so as to keep them in good condition. Among these considerations include the environment.

Most audio visual formats are best to store in cool, dark places making sure the humidity is low and temperatures are stable. It is also imperative that the place is free air pollutants, direct sunlight, and is free from flooding. This will not only keep them in good condition but also help extend their usability.

Ideally, in terms of temperature and humidity, the storage environment shouldn’t fluctuate and must be within 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity (RH) that is between 30 to 50 percent. Hence, avoid storing AV materials and equipment in places that have unregulated climates like a garage or attic.

Fortunately, there are storage facilities offering storage units that allow you to control or regulate the temperature and humidity of the room, making such facilities the most ideal place to keep your AV collections.