Kappeln is Becoming an E-car Sharing City


From next spring, a large parking lot in the center of Kappeln will be used as a station for electric vehicles and charging stations. Both Kappelner citizens, tourists, community centers, and about 20 members of the parish can easily rent an e-Car for travel via the car-sharing app.

At least that’s what Ev. Luth’s Head of Climate Protection, Insa Krempin, wants and plans. The Ecclesias Province currently working on the concept of e-car sharing in Kappeln is Ev. It is a cooperation project. Kappeln churches and towns.

Master’s thesis on the concept of sustainable mobility

We have reached the first milestone since mid-September. It has a well-established scientific basis as the basis for its implementation and was created by Eike Melzer. He wrote his master’s thesis on the theme of “Green Energy” at the University of West Coast Applied Sciences in Heide, on the theme of “Developing the Concept of Sustainable Mobility in the Schleswig-Friendsburg Church District in Kappeln”. .. Cycle assessment, profitability calculation, purchase recommendations.

Climate-friendly mobile

The background is Ev. The church aims to be climate-neutral by 2050, as Rev. Ingo Gutzman, head of the regional center, explains. Because maintaining creativity and a good and just sense of unity in the world are our top priorities for the Church. In addition to building and procuring, the main topic of the Schleswig-Friendsburg church district is how employees can move as climate-friendly as possible in such rural church districts.

Travel as much as possible with an electric motor, about As Eike Melzer discovered, last year only 20 colleagues in Kappeln’s location covered about 60,000 km. He recommends doing these trips with as many electric motors as possible and sharing the purchased vehicle like the Honda SUV 2020, with the general public for better use.

E-car sharing in Kappeln

Insa Krempin said: “The new German word” share “is one of the buzzwords of the climate controversy. Making the most of cars, etc., rather than using them rarely, is considered to be resource-efficient. “The Kappeln e-carsharing project is a pioneering project of the local church and is funded by the” Dörpsmobil “project of the regional office. With Kappeln’s offer, Krempin will be able to have a family without a second car from next year, more tourists will be traveling, and people who can’t afford their own car will be able to join. We hope that church staff will be able to participate. You will be able to participate in both business and private. Being able to participate in more climate-friendly.

Cooperation with the city of Kappeln

Mayor Heiko Traulsen is pleased with the cooperation the city has long wanted to establish in car-sharing but has not yet done so due to VAT law reasons. “The call from Rev. Goodsman came at just the right time,” Traulsen happily says.

According to Melzer’s calculations, the fact that car sharing probably doesn’t cover costs doesn’t scare either the city or the Ev. Church. “The ultimate goal is climate protection, not black zero,” says Traulsen. And even if e-mobility is only in the middle of the process, it’s important. According to calculations by Master of Science Eike Melzer, you can save 1 ton of CO2 for every 10,000 km driven by electricity instead of diesel.