5 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Guitar During COVID-19

The COVID-19 quarantine is a difficult one. Despite the fact that stay-at-home measures are beginning to ease, many people feel frustrated or even downright miserable about the idea of spending one more day at work. These feelings are understandable. However, you can look at the situation as an opportunity to achieve some of your top goals that have been put on hold for years.

Kid learning to play the guitar

You’re likely like many others to have long wished to master a new instrument. You may have been too busy with daily life to make the time for lessons or practice. You should make sure you have enough time to enjoy music after you return home. Don’t wait! You might have the chance to achieve one of your greatest life goals.

However, not all instruments will be able to handle this unique situation. Although live lessons via video conferencing may be possible, they are not as effective as in-person sessions. Some instruments can be learned on your own, however. The ukulele and guitar are the best instruments to learn instrumental music.

Are you still not convinced? These are the top reasons to invest in a stringed instrument while you navigate the COVID-19 quintet.

1. It’s easy to learn

You don’t need to feel motivated if you aren’t feeling the motivation. The right instrument can make all of the difference.

It is easy to learn the ukulele on your own. You will be able to learn everything you need about the ukulele by using a guide, a tuner, and some YouTube videos. You don’t have to be ambitious in order to learn a simple song in minutes. You could be a ukulele master if you have more time.

Although the guitar is not as simple as the ukulele it can be learned a few chords quickly. Most of your favorite songs on guitar feature the easiest, but most enjoyable chords that you can find at ChordsWorld. There are many challenging tunes that will keep you entertained not only during quarantine but well into the future.

2. Minimum equipment required

Although books, music stands, and carrying cases are helpful, you can also learn the ukulele and guitar with just a smartphone.

There are many apps that can help you navigate the maze of chords, frets, and strings. A detailed guide can be used if you are truly dedicated to learning these basics. You can also use a few simple tutorials to help you navigate certain songs. If you are short on time but eager to start, this targeted approach might be a good option.


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3. Stress relief

It is hard to deny the stress caused by COVID-19 quarantine. Multiple surveys have shown that respondents feel their mental health has been affected by this stressful time. However, research also shows that instruments can be a valuable tool in relieving stress.

A song can help you release your feelings of sadness and depression. You’ll feel more fulfilled if you reach your long-held goal of learning an instrument.

4. Social connection

It is crucial to make connections in times of isolation. Both the ukulele or guitar can be invaluable in this endeavor. You can even go outside to sing songs to pedestrians passing by your house on a sunny day.

You can also join a video chat to entertain your loved ones while you are stuck at home. You can sing along with family and friends from far away using your new instrument to create harmony. You can also use your new skills to calm tension among household members.

5. A sense of accomplishment

There is nothing that can compare to the satisfaction you get from mastering an instrument. You could find the satisfaction of mastering a guitar or ukulele a great source of fuel for the rest of your quarantine. Even a few songs can make a difference. You’ll feel proud when you leave quarantine equipped with solid instrumental skills.

The guitar and ukulele can be a great way to get through any stress, loneliness, or boredom that you may experience during quarantine. You’ll never regret investing in yourself and learning one of the most versatile and appealing instruments on the planet.