The Power of Mass Media and the Risks That Come With It

Communication is a vital element in man’s existence. Man is a social being and communication is used to be socially connected. Through communication we exchange information, our ideas, the thoughts and ideas we think of. These had been used for centuries, even the first men who ever existed in our world communicated with each other’s, not verbally but by actions. As we enter into the modern world the way we communicate have drastically change. With the introduction of the Internet came about Mass Media. Communication has been easier, the spread of information using Mass media has been an important key in spreading News. With new innovations the way we receive messages changed. Mass media is still at its peak. Reaching billions of people worldwide in just a few seconds. The success of mass media is very evident. This outstanding innovation has impacted almost all fields in our society. We easily get informed of the things happening around us. At anytime and anywhere we can avail of the News, current affairs and even the newest trends.

However good social media can be, it also has its risks. It can oftentimes be misleading. People rely on social media so much that sometimes it is being altered in many ways. People make up fake news to mislead the public. This is something we have to be aware of. We should be wise in distinguishing what is fake from real. Social media has become a platform for some people to spread fake news. People rely on news for truth. One should be able to spot false information especially in news that covers sensitive and political issues. People responsible in spreading fake news are very wise. But people spotting fake news are wiser. Most fake news uses different formats. It cloaks itself as a genuine news. For us not to be victims of fake news we should know its source.

What is fake news? Tips For Spotting Them – Fake News for Kids

Here are some steps in determining fake news from real:

1. Verify the Domain Name – A legitimate source of news has a professional domain name that usually is same with the name of the business or organization. Fake news domain are less likely to have this feature. The Domain name can help identify if it is a reliable and real news organization.
Check out more on YouTube and look for videos that will show how to identify fake news. Download an Ad Blocking App for a worthwhile viewing experience. Read more on:
2. Check for Broken Links. Links to a news should be working and those links when clicked should take the reader to a legitimate source.
3. The Web Design says it all. Poor web designs are usually an abode to fake news. Good web designs is a sign of reliability and legitimate news source. A legitimate news organization have the finances to hire a very good web designer to fix their website. Most fake news doesn’t have this privilege.
4. Learn to spot a paid content. Legitimate sites will mostly include advertisements.